Scout! Publicity Consultation
& Editing for the Literary-Minded

Killian Czuba runs Scout! PR. 

She writes fiction and makes little comics on her own time, but her Clark Kent alter-ego helps other writers and artists promote their own work (because not everybody loves social media like she does). Things she will do include: book trailers, interviews, Twitter coaching, Tumblr management, audio work, photography, etc. If you need a process and procedure for uploading content to YouTube, or need someone to explain Instagram and not talk to you like you’re dumb (because you aren’t), give a holler. 

Contact her for rate information, CV, and/or more services.

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Dear writer friends,
Hey, I just wanted to pass on some info regarding a fantastic PR person. I hired an ex-student (and now friend) to help me with some PR stuff that I was never going to get to – eg, the creation of a wiki page (way more complicated than I had imagined), book trailer, social media, etc. I approached her because she’s smart and funny and brilliant and savvy w/social media and just a genuine wonderful human being. She was a huge help – worked quickly and efficiently and brought wonderful ideas to the table. So: if you want such brilliant help in your life, give her a shout.
— Laura Pritchett, Author of 'Stars Go Blue' and 'Hell's Bottom, Colorado'
Killian Czuba will knock your e-socks off with her fantastic eye. She’s creative and smart and intuitive—after several months of dragging my feet about revamping Cactus Heart’s online presence, I handed the project over to her, and before I knew it, she’d created a dazzler of website. And as Cactus Heart’s Visual Editor, Killian continues to wow me with her selections—she’s a careful curator of color and edge. Amazingly easy to work with, independent, and all-around awesome: Hire Killian now!
— Sara Rauch, Managing Editor, Cactus Heart Literary Magazine
Killian Czuba is one of the most reliable, efficient and thoughtful editors I have ever worked with. When writing my graduate school personal statement she thoroughly read the essay prompt, empathized with the potential studies (Speech Language Pathology) and asked me very specific questions according to my relationship with the school and their administrators. Although we lived in different counties and very different time zones, we bounced ideas back and forth and truly collaborated with this assignment. She is wonderful to work with and sure enough, she helped me secure an acceptance letter from my 1st choice program. Highly recommend!
— K. Rossman, Grad Student