Episode 01: Intro & Satyajit Ray's THE BIG CITY

Hello! Welcome to the newest podcast on The Apiary network, LIGHTS GO DOWN by the amazing Annie Mok. We're so lucky to have her (seriously, how did we do it??). See below for how to follow her and all of her projects.

This podcast will be released Netflix-style in two complete, streamable seasons available both here and on iTunes. So enjoy episodes 1-11, which are live now!

Episode 1 is an introduction to the podcast, and some about the lovely film THE BIG CITY by Satyajit Ray. Music used in the intro is a cover of Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry” by Vivek Shraya feat. Shamik, from Vivek’s lovely Breathe Again: A Tribute to Babyface.

You can follow Annie on twitter @HeyAnnieMok, find her work at heyanniemok.com, and subscribe and/or rate/review on iTunes | LIGHTS GO DOWN episodes 1-11 encompass Season 1. Season 2, beginning with episode 12, will be released in the next few months and ends the podcast with episode 23, either just for now or for all time.