Episode 09: Maddi Gonzalez on the bad cartoons SPACE JAM and ANASTASIA

This is the episode where we throw away everything we've built up to this point!!! Be warned, this is a long and silly episode, but if you like that kind of thing, you're in for a treat. Cartoonist Maddi Gonzalez joins Annie to talk about the love of her life, bad bad bad animated movies. They pick apart SPACE JAM and ANASTASIA in excruciating detail, and look at Space Jam in relation to another greenscreened production, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?

Maddi tweets @maddigzlz, posts here, and you can buy PDFs of her comics on Gumroad.
Music is from the Space Jam soundtrack, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Ll Cool J & Method Man B Real's "Hitem High (the Monstar's Anthem)" and D'Angelo's "I Found My Smile Again."

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