Episode 06: Azeem Hill pt. 1: DIGIMON and metamorphoses

Young creative, producer, and aspiring superproducer Azeem Hill (also Annie's housemate) joins her to talk about a favorite of his, the polymorphous 1999 entry DIGIMON: THE MOVIE. Azeem discusses the anime's themes of responsibility, spiritualism, and healing, continuing one of the podcast's major themes of what genre fiction can mean for marginalized people.

Azeem tweets @HerbieHandclap and posts his work to Soundcloud | You can find Pepper Breath! Digimon Zine here and the new Digimon is up on Crunchyroll. Music is Björk's "Who is it (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)", and Amiina's "Hilli."

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