Daniel and Killian's Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz

You are the captain of a sinking ship. There are five hundred people aboard. Do you choose to
save three hundred people for sure by putting them on the lifeboats, or
take a 50-50 chance of saving everyone by using the lifeboats to try to keep the ship afloat until help comes?

Should income tax be
lower, or

Years from now, you are retiring from a career of your choice serving a small, tight-knit community. Do you feel
satisfied at having made a local difference, or
a little sad that you never made your "big mark" on the world?

How do you feel about cheating, or helping a friend cheat, on homework?
You should never do it, or only do it if you really have to.
It's not such a big deal, sometimes you have to do it.

Would you take a 50% pay cut in exchange for a job that's more interesting?

If you didn't have a birthday gift ready for a close friend, would you
give money (or an iTunes/Amazon gift card), or
tell them that you'll give them something later?