Episode 65: "Tiny Bags Of Water You're Made Of"

Hey all! This week, we go back to what we're best at: getting rambly. ;)

From tattoos to Thing Explainer (which you can buy many places, including here) to...Federalism? Yep, you heard correctly. Killian has some opinions about those dumb states rights!

Here's a link to Randall Munroe's "What If?" blog. Check it out! And also xkcd, which is a webcomic staple.

Interested in more about Federalism? GO LISTEN TO HAMILTON. Which we have not reviewed on this show because other people have done a better job of that, and we (ok, especially Killian) would rather spend that time just jamming out with Hercules Mulligan for the hundredth time. The whole musical is on Spotify. Get it.

Don't forget to tune in to the first episode of Watch Squad (it'll be in our Podcast dropdown) later this week!