Episode 52: "Jean Ralphio Roland Tolkien"

Ahh, yes--even the Great Champion of Language, himself (Tolkien, obviously), struggled sometimes. Bingo Baggins? Marmaduke? Those aren't jokes, my friends.

This week we dive deep into the making of Lord of the Rings--the books. This is absolutely an amazing collection (link below) to check out if you're a writer, or if you're just interested in Tolkien. It's revision porn, and it will make you feel ok about taking a year off of that book every other year.

Other talking points include: Raymond Chandler's The Little Sister, JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst's "S", 2666 (because how could we not), The Northern Caves, feelings about grammar and spelling and how they might be elitist--and some additional adulthood feelings thrown in for spice. AND ACHEWOOD.

Love it, tweet it, etc. And stay tuned for more updates on the Mystery Collection!

Books Referenced! (links to Powell's)