Episode 49: "Physics Lectures & CRIME"

Minimal editing has occurred with this episode, so hopefully we didn't say anything too stupid. But! If you're interested in some physics lessons from Richard Feynman (let's be real: WHO ISN'T??) or a rad James Ellroy story from 1993, OR a li'l retrospective on the final season of Hannibal (some finale spoilers, but we tell you to skip ahead a bit if you don't want to hear them. Better choice: watch the finale **now** and then listen immediately after that. That actually sounds like a perfect Monday. Who needs work when you have podcasts and TV to catch up on?)--you'll dig this.

And if you're interested in subscribing to GRANTA, you should do it. So worth it. They also have a full archive you can purchase from. (And check out the Powell's website for a random assortment of back issues, which is how we came across the Crime issue)

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