Episode 43: "Air Plankton"

     ❤Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective ❤

     ❤Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective 

A close runner-up for title of this episode was "Who Wants to be a Milliner," but air plankton is just way better. For the record: Killian was totally right about milliners making hats (specifically women's hats). 

Topics: What do spider babies eat? Can you have "air plankton"? We talked a lot about plankton. Killian is a baby genius. More about plankton. Don't buy the LG-D722--it is TERRIBLE. Book review for Do No Harm, which is about brain surgery. (from Wikipedia: "Oligodendrogliomas are a type of glioma that are believed to originate from the oligodendrocytes of the brain or from a glial precursor cell...The average age at diagnosis is 35 years"). There's brief reference to Phineas Gage, neuroscience's sweetheart. And then we get into MISS FISHER'S MURDER MYSTERIES!!! Why aren't you watching this yet. Stop whatever you are doing and watch it. Unless you hate women, in which case, why are you listening to this podcast. This is a great little summary article about what the show is doing totally right, and what it could be doing better. Either way, super freaking fun (and on Netflix!). Also, it's based on a book series. Soooo...your Friday nights are set for a while.

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