Episode 44: "Verdi Good"

images above, from left to right: Mozart, Verdi, Chopin, Hot Tub Time Machine (all three)

Return of Kaitrin Cunningham! Which means we talk about--wait for it--------OPERA. In particular, the opera adaptation of Herman Melville's Billy Budd by the composer Benjamin Britten (libretto by EM Forster). Here you can find the public domain version of Billy Budd, and HERE you can find the YouTube 1966 BBC production. We talk about English opera, homoeroticism, the relationship (esp in opera) of words and music, and at the very end we chat about the Ryan North + Matthew Bennardo + David Malki ! short story collection Machine of Death.

A comment Killian forgot to make in-podcast about Machine of Death: I have the "Disposable Edition" of the book, passed on to me from a friend, and I think the concept of that--especially for a collection like this--is totally brilliant. It's not meant to be babied, it's meant to be enjoyed and passed around, and you can keep it if you want, but there's no pressure to. I dig it. 

The comic that inspired the collection, by Ryan North. 
Books referenced!

This episode is going up a bit late (moving across an ocean is so fun), so if we referenced an opera or links that we didn't put up, shoot us a note and we'll add the links! :)