Episode 41: "OitNB, etc"

image from People

image from People

As everyone who has a Netflix account (or shares one with their parents/siblings/friends) knows, Orange is the New Black is back. Killian reviews the season. Daniel reviews/recommends the game Coup. They ask tough questions, such as: How could we improve casting equality? and: When was David Duchovny at the height of his cuteness? 

And HOLY COW, check out this crazy neural net art: Google Research Blog.

More importantly, if you're interested in supporting prison reform/positive programs, here's a link to check out: California Coalition for Women Prisoners. Use it as a jumping-off point into researching programs in your own state/country. Once GiveWell figures out the supereffective charities, we'll absolutely be linking to that. 


It turned out that we recorded this episode the day the news came out about Charleston, SC. Our hearts break every time violence--and particularly this kind of racially-motivated violence (yes, terrorism)--occurs, and this shooting saw the death of three family members of a close friend. Condolences are not enough. The least we can do is not be silent. Racism is real and alive in the USA and around the world. Don't pretend to be blind to it. Listen to what marginalized people are saying, and respect their experiences.