Episode 35: "Daredevil, in NPR Voice"

**TRIGGER WARNING** for in-depth discussion of violence (graphic/sexualized) in Daredevil and Sons of Anarchy.

The first few minutes of this podcast are ASMR whispering, which will make sense, we promise (it morphs into low-key soft speaking, we didn't whisper the entire episode). Wear headphones or turn up the volume! We promise there is no yelling to blow your ears out. 

In contrast to our literal tone, our literARY tone is actually a bit dark. We discuss Netflix's Daredevil (and you can't really talk about this show without talking about violence), compare it to the violence (and also just writing in general) in Sons of Anarchy, and also discuss use of religious symbolism, trusting the viewer, and some other writerly/tv-related stuff. Then we talk about Chef's Table--which is related, in that it is on Netflix.

Next week: Math and Dostoyevsky! hahaha but seriously

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