Episode 29: "Spiders Georg Counts Multiple Infinities"

In case you don't remember Spiders Georg.

But this episode is actually a smarty-fest. It's funny, sure, but also a listener (thank you, MZ!!) asked us to dip into the Georg Cantor different-sized-infinities concept and maybe describe how it works. So we did! And we also talked about TV bibles, and the Queen of the Night aria. I'm adding a link to The Housekeeper and the Professor (below), which is a lovely, short novel that incorporates interesting math into the prose/story.

ALSO: AWP approaches! There are 2 tables you should really visit if you're attending this year. I did you the courtesy of highlighting them:


Barrelhouse is at 338, Cactus Heart Press is at 2020. I (Killian, sadly sans Daniel) will be cartwheeling between the two, chatting, tweeting, and being generally excited/socially overwhelmed. I will have hard copies of the adventure stories anthology for sale. ~*insert sparkle emoji*~

Other links!:
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The episode with Kaitrin Cunningham, who will be back in a few weeks! (Get your opera questions ready)
Pre-orders are open for The Egret's Crossing (preorder before March 15 so we have a solid estimate of how many to order!) 
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