Episode 28: "Writing Makes Me Feel Bad"

This episode starts off goofy, progresses to some classic sci-fi reviews (and comparisons to gothic lit--aren't we fancy?), and then Killian talks about her feelings. Her feelings are a little bit about Wikipedia and @bloodbeverley, and a lot about her complicated relationship with prose and the decade of her life (and 6 combined years of college) she's dedicated to it. No definitive decisions are made, but it's good to talk about. It's like deciding when to break up with an SO after years of trying to make it work. Is it just pride ("I can stick it out") or is the relationship salvageable? Is it even as black-and-white as all that? Maybe she can be poly with prose writing, but needs to change her primary partner to something else. Extended metaphors abound! 

If you're in Arcata, CA, you should visit the adorable Tin Can Mailman bookstore. 

If you're looking for an A+ lit mag to subscribe to (unpretentious, legit-good prose and poetry) you should try out Barrelhouse. Amazing people, brilliant work.

Finally, here are some of the books discussed in this episode:

As always, thanks to our listeners, to Pogo for use of this rad song as our intro, and to the people making interesting work that we can consume and share.