Episode 26: "Poopy Brown Eyes"

Writerly-type friends will enjoy this one, as we get into some craft topics right off the bat. Also: Killian reveals a long-kept secret, Daniel discusses the classic sci-fi novel Neuromancer, both hosts ponder how much enjoyment our listeners get from episodes with guests (seriously--let us know!), we pimp another favorite YouTube creator (Every Frame A Painting), and then we mention the Infinite Guest network and Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter's podcast: A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment. Special thanks, every episode, to Pogo for the intro music.

Updated opinion: ATSoA doesn't seem to get better but, in fact, seems more like it moves in the "back in my day" grumbling middle-aged dude direction. I love both authors, but I can't actually recommend the show--however, listener experience will vary, so absolutely check it out if you're interested. Book Fight! remains my literary podcast of choice.