Episode 61: Exclusively Star Wars Spoilers

WOOOHOOO, Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays, in general!)! Enjoy this xmas treat during your post-present coma or post-dinner nap. We're hitting the road, bound for northern California, so cross your fingers that we have mild weather and minimal traffic. 

It's in the episode title, but in case that wasn't clear enough: Don't listen to this until you've seen the movie. You could also listen if you don't mind major spoilers, but then I'm not sure why you're listening to a Star Wars themed episode if you don't care. If so: congratulations, you are are #1 fan, and we salute you. <3 

Catch y'all on the flip side aka 2016 whaaaaaaat.

And attn: Kaitrin Cunningham: you know this one's for you, grrrl. xoxo