Episode 55: "Meat People Living on Space Rocks"

Ever wanted to try crowdsourcing diagnostic medicine? Now's your chance! (Note: if you suggest "pregnant," you owe Killian $5, because that is one thing that is certainly not it.) 

Other discussion topics include things like: Roald Dahl and his crazy short stories for adults! Possible aliens and a Dyson Sphere, maybe (probably not, but maybe!)! Libraries are fun! Some old comics are racist! And many, many more. 

FUN SUGGESTION: if you send us a little audio bloop of you asking us a question--pretty much any question--we'll put your voice asking us on the podcast, and we'll answer the question! It can be about literally anything

Here's Anders' blog post on the aliens (we recommend you just read his blog today instead of "working" bc this amazing man is basically a genius and you might as well learn some new trivia before your next date): 

And, in keeping with out theme of having seasonal outro music, this week is brought to you by the blessed Creative Commons (The Bloody Hells--"What She Goth That I Ain't Goth?")