Episode 19: "Bad Media"

Original tumblr air date: December 15, 2014 (all caught up!). In this episode, Killian and Daniel discuss Bad Media (aka stuff they read and watched in the last week or two, and it was all awful). This episode has spoilers! Media reviewed: Gone Girl (book), Jurassic Park: The Lost World (movie), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (movie). Talking points include: Point of View when writing thrillers, sociopaths who are actually interesting, Steven Spielburg, Francis Ford Coppola, and vampire ASMR. 

Re: Vampire ASMR—Justin McElroy should probably lock that down. If you’re not listening to any McElroy podcasts at this time, what    are   you   doing?

haha, that last one is a link to Serial. GOTCHA! But, srsly, listen to that, too. And Book Fight! Killian made t-shirts for them.