Episode 05

Originally released on tumblr, July 6, 4014. This week, Killian shares the mic with brilliant poet and friend, Maisha Z. Johnson. Maisha is a writer, an activist, and a troublemaker of Trinidadian descent. She has an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University, and she studied creative writing at San Francisco State University. Through writing and workshops, Maisha lifts up voices of those who are often silenced, including LGBTQ people, people of color, and survivors of violence. Her work has been published in numerous journals and nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize. She explores the relationship between art and social change on her blog, at www.maishazjohnson.com. Also see her full, new website, which she launched recently!

Here’s some of the stuff they cover in their 20-ish minute chat between going to readings and lectures:

Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild and Other Stories; science fiction writing and women and people of color; what’s meaningful vs. what’s marketable in writing (and art in general); supporting yourself as an emerging writer; book cover art; kickstarter? non-profit status?; supporting POC, LGBTQ, and low-income writers; writing with LGBTQ survivors of violence (writing and art as healing); also plants are hard to keep alive

Aaaaand, we have a new intro theme"What I Likes" from the perma-rad Pogo. We’ll see if it sticks!